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About Me


PNW Explorer: From Vashon to Portland and Back Again – Unveiling My Pacific Northwest Journey.

Born in Kansas and raised in the Pacific Northwest since the age of 4, I embarked on a journey that took me from the serene shores of Vashon Island to the vibrant culinary scene of Portland, Oregon and back again. After graduating from Vashon High School, I pursued my passion for the culinary arts and earned a degree in Culinary Arts in Oregon. Seeking a broader skill set, I continued my education and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Marketing.

I dabbled in real estate, buying, renovating, and selling multiple houses, a venture that honed my eye for design and appreciation for real estate. The allure of Vashon Island, however, with its welcoming community, picturesque landscapes, and outdoor living drew me back. Now, my family and I revel in island life, engaging in activities like paddleboarding, hiking, and participating in vibrant community events.


Beyond my culinary pursuits, I've delved into the world of woodworking and welding. This new endeavor not only serves as a creative outlet but also a chance to teach new skills to my kids. While we love Vashon life, we maintain a strong connection to family and friends in Oregon, allowing us to visit frequently and further solidify the Pacific Northwest as not just our home but a place where family roots run deep.

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