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Bird Real Estate

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Buying a new home and a bird building a nest share common threads of creating a secure and tailored space. In both cases, the selection of an ideal location, meticulous attention to building and design, and the emphasis on safety and shelter underline the universal instinct to establish a comfortable haven, whether in the natural world of birds or the context of homeownership. These parallels highlight the shared essence of creating a nurturing environment, be it for avian residents or human occupants.

What is your nest worth?

Why install a nest box?

  • Serves as safe and protected space for birds to nest, offering refuge from predators and adverse weather conditions.

  • Urbanization and habitat loss impact natural nesting sites, making nest boxes crucial in supporting bird populations.

  • Constructing nest houses contributes to the conservation of various bird species, aiding in their successful breeding and overall well-being.

  • Brings the wildlife to your yard providing easy access to bird watching opportunities

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Birds of the Puget Sound

Bird watching in the Puget Sound region can be a thrilling experience, captivating enthusiasts with its unique blend of coastal charm and diverse avian inhabitants. The diversity of estuaries, forests, and shorelines create an ideal habitat for a wide variety of bird species. From the graceful Great Blue Herons wading along the waterfront to the charismatic Bald Eagles soaring overhead, each outing unveils a fascinating spectacle of feathered wonders. 


The Puget Sound is also a critical migratory pathway, attracting a plethora of transient visitors such as colorful warblers, majestic waterfowl, and the occasional Peregrine Falcon. 


Whether observing the intricate nesting behaviors of Ospreys or marveling at the acrobatics of Anna's Hummingbirds, the Puget Sound region offers an array of avian life.

If you need help on your nesting journey don't hesitate to reach out!

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